Filipino Community Center Review

Filipino Community Center Review

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If you want to enjoy the true spirit of delight and aloha in gracious hospitality, Filipino Community Center is the best location for you. FilCom center is the right place for you to go along with your relatives, friends and other community members who wants to come together for different special events and functions.

The Filipino Community Centers is located at the two acre parcel site of former Oahu Sugar Mill at the corner of Waipahu Streets and Mokuola that has a B-2 designation. Filipino Community Center Inc. owns the property.

The building is three stories high that cover 50,000 square feet. FilCom Center can provide you space for different educational and cultural activities as well as other social activities that will benefit the entire community. They aim to pursue their mission wherein they want to preserve and nurture the Filipino Community and Hawaii. It is considered as one of the largest Filipino Community centers that are located outside of the Philippines. Continue reading

San Nicolas Chicharon & Sausage Restaurant Review

San Nicolas Chicharon & Sausage Restaurant (Kalihi, Hawaii)

Chicharon cracklings are crispy fried pork skins that are commonly served as appetizers with spicy vinegar or any dipping sauce. It is one of the finger foods that most Filipino loves to eat and is also adopted by other foreign countries due to its crispy and delicious taste. So, if you are looking for high quality fresh raw Chicharon in Honolulu HI, United States, San Nicholas Chicharon and Sausage is the best place for you. They can offer you the best manner of checking and cooking procedures of Chicharon, following high standards to serve you food that is safe to eat.

At San Nicolas Chicharon & Sausage Restaurant, you will have the chance to taste these good snacks. It will also serve as the perfect place for a beer match, meal with rice or side dish for the appetizer and will make your taste buds satisfied. Therefore, even though you are not in the Philippines, there is still a home for this kind of food in other countries. San Nicholas Chicharon and Sausage will make you enjoy Filipino Dishes such as Chicharon. It has a salty taste and is very crispy as you bite and eat it. Continue reading

Thelma’s Restaurant Review

Thelma’s Restaurant Review (Waipahu, Hawaii)

When we think about the best restaurants, we usually have the most sumptuous dishes in mind. If you are in Hawaii, there are lots of restaurants that you can choose from to spend a quality dining experience that’s worth your money. For the Filipino community in Hawaii, it is good to know that there are a number of Filipino restaurants that they can go to whenever they miss the food that they love to eat.

The best thing about the food served at Filipino restaurants is that they can fit to any food preference of customers, even for foreign. One of the most popular Filipino restaurants in Waipahu Hawaii is Thelma’s Restaurant. The business is owned by the couple Larry and Thelma Torres who have started the business almost more than a decade ago. The restaurant has been very successful since the day it started operating. This is because of the wide variety of mouth-watering dishes that they offer. The starting years have been very difficult for the business because it has to go to a tough process of earning the trust of the customers. However, in the latter years, everything went so easy for the couple as they already have knowledge on what their clients are really looking for from a Filipino restaurant.  Continue reading

Julie’z Filipino Restaurant Review

Julie’z Restaurant Review (Kapolei, Hawaii)

If you are looking for the best Filipino restaurant to eat in Kapolei, Julie’z Restaurant would be an ideal place for you to go. In the entire Kapolie Hawaii, you will find a number of restaurants that offers great value of food and services you will surely love and one of those is Julie’z Restaurant.

A Filipino plumber friend of  mine exposed me to Julie’z a while back. Check out his business service too at

Since then, the business has been consistent in providing a line of quality services and Filipino food to people. Most of their customers love the way they serve dishes on the table as if they are just eating in their own house. Those years that they took for the business to fully developed weren’t easy at first but see how they were able to turn their business into something bolder.

Julie’z Restaurant is a known Filipino business because of the following qualities.  Continue reading

Golden Coin Restaurant Review

Golden Coin Review (Hawaii)

Want to get your Filipino food plate lunch fixed? Try the delicious pandesal, barbeque sticks, Spanish roll, halo-halo and other kinds of Filipino goodies only in Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant!

If you want to satisfy your most edible desires, Golden Coin is the best place for never-ending sources of foods and goodies. Inexpensive foods are always easily available. Located at the Lau’Lani shopping center in Ewa Beach, Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant have all the typical Filipino dishes accessible. As you are about to order, the server will answer any questions or concerns you had and would even suggest some of their favorite or popular dishes you can try.

They are offering portion sizes, enough to fill your stomach unless you are hungry. You have unlimited options as to which foods are suited to your palate and budget. Some of them include kare-kare (beef with veggies and peanut butter), pork guisantes (pork simmered in vinegar and tomato sauce), Igado (beef with bell peppers and liver), tocino (sautéed pork marinated sour and sweet sauce) and more. In addition, Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant has Spanish rolls, halo-halo, pandesal, cassava cakes, lots of butter mocha and many more. Golden Coin includes whatever Filipino desserts anyone can possibly have the craving for. Their goodies or desserts are enough to give you the sweetest taste you want at an affordable price.  Continue reading

Max’s of Manila Review

Max’s of Manila Review (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Do you like Filipino foods? If so, Max’s of Manila is the perfect place to be! This can be your best option for HS Grad parties, family gatherings and other special events.

When you are hungry and on the run, a chain restaurant can definitely hit the spot. It is tasty, quick and above all, very convenient. The foods are loaded with nutritious ingredients that will surely leave your palate craving for more and if you are feeding your entire family, chain restaurants can be less expensive than other fast food chains or restaurants.

For those who are watching their health or weight, there are food menus tailored to your needs and budget. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to find a well-balanced and healthy meal. Max’s of Manila is one of the most popular and leading Filipino chain restaurants. Regardless of the occasion you may have, you can book a special dinner with your friends or family and enjoy a scenic environment.

Some of the in-demand Filipino foods being served by the friendly and approachable staffs include special fried chicken, pancit palabok, pinakbet, crispy pata, chicken adobo and more. Five or six big scoops of Jasmine rice are served on a plate to be shared with your colleagues or family who also attends the dinner.

Max’s of Manila Review Continue reading

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