Golden Coin Restaurant Review

Golden Coin Review (Hawaii)

Want to get your Filipino food plate lunch fixed? Try the delicious pandesal, barbeque sticks, Spanish roll, halo-halo and other kinds of Filipino goodies only in Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant!

If you want to satisfy your most edible desires, Golden Coin is the best place for never-ending sources of foods and goodies. Inexpensive foods are always easily available. Located at the Lau’Lani shopping center in Ewa Beach, Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant have all the typical Filipino dishes accessible. As you are about to order, the server will answer any questions or concerns you had and would even suggest some of their favorite or popular dishes you can try.

They are offering portion sizes, enough to fill your stomach unless you are hungry. You have unlimited options as to which foods are suited to your palate and budget. Some of them include kare-kare (beef with veggies and peanut butter), pork guisantes (pork simmered in vinegar and tomato sauce), Igado (beef with bell peppers and liver), tocino (sautéed pork marinated sour and sweet sauce) and more. In addition, Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant has Spanish rolls, halo-halo, pandesal, cassava cakes, lots of butter mocha and many more. Golden Coin includes whatever Filipino desserts anyone can possibly have the craving for. Their goodies or desserts are enough to give you the sweetest taste you want at an affordable price. 

When it comes to professional employees and customer representative, Golden Coin hits the spot. The moment you enter the door, the servers will greet you with a warm welcome and a delightful smile. You will never feel intimidated with them because they are approachable. Therefore, you won’t hesitate asking any questions about their food menus, their popular or in-demand dishes, reservations and other related concerns you have.

It may have a small space but Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant has a nice and clean environment to make you feel comfortable all the time. If you are planning for a breakfast deal, you can head to this place and choose among rice, egg and choice of breakfast sausage or meat. The meat is flavorful and the ladies are very friendly. You must come back for the pastries and lunch deals in the coming days. What’s more is that whether you are going to celebrate engagement, graduation, promotion or anniversary, Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant can be your best place. You can have a private talk or discussion here.

Golden Coin Restaurant Review (Hawaii)

If not, you can welcome someone home, send someone off, celebrate your last day of vacation or simply want an all-around excellent meal with Golden Coin. Over the past years, it has cultivated a continuing legacy as one of the ultimate places to celebrate special moments and enjoy vibrant foods. So, for those who love Filipino foods, this is your chance to try the mouthwatering menus of Golden Coin Bake Shop & Restaurant. You can get your Filipino food plate lunch fixed in this place and their amazing desserts. Call in now your orders to satisfy the needs of your stomach.

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