Max’s of Manila Review

Max’s of Manila Review (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Do you like Filipino foods? If so, Max’s of Manila is the perfect place to be! This can be your best option for HS Grad parties, family gatherings and other special events.

When you are hungry and on the run, a chain restaurant can definitely hit the spot. It is tasty, quick and above all, very convenient. The foods are loaded with nutritious ingredients that will surely leave your palate craving for more and if you are feeding your entire family, chain restaurants can be less expensive than other fast food chains or restaurants.

For those who are watching their health or weight, there are food menus tailored to your needs and budget. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to find a well-balanced and healthy meal. Max’s of Manila is one of the most popular and leading Filipino chain restaurants. Regardless of the occasion you may have, you can book a special dinner with your friends or family and enjoy a scenic environment.

Some of the in-demand Filipino foods being served by the friendly and approachable staffs include special fried chicken, pancit palabok, pinakbet, crispy pata, chicken adobo and more. Five or six big scoops of Jasmine rice are served on a plate to be shared with your colleagues or family who also attends the dinner.

Max’s of Manila Review

Max’s special fried chicken is among the well-loved dish by Filipinos and even non-Filipinos. It is a whole chicken minus the head cut in the half. It is well done on the inside and very crispy on the outside. Pancit palabok is a noodle dish with shrimp sauce that is topped with boiled pork, cooked shrimp, fish flakes, fried tofu, friend garlic, scallions and crushed chicharron. You can partner it with a cold climate.

Pinakbet is a vegetable dish while crispy pata is a pork knuckle deep fried which makes the skin crispy on the outside but the meat is very tender on the inside. Chicken adobo is another big hitter in Max’s Manila as it not only has captured the heart of Filipino people but also the heart of non-nationals. Chicken adobo is a chicken marinated in bay leaves, shoyu, a little vinegar and garlic. This is indeed very delicious.

Max’s of Manila Review (Kare Kare)

If you’re a vegetarian, the ensaladang kangkong is a great option. The blanched ong choi stems are crispy while the shoyu-based dressing and tomatoes juicy are tasty and well balanced. When you try their pork sisig, you will realize that it is unlike anything your parents or you had ever tasted before. What’s more is that you will really get a stomach to eat the Bicol express, Miki bihon, crabmeat rice, sinigang and kare-kare as they are quite hearty to have for your meal.

For dessert, you can have ice cream/shaved ice or halo-halo that are very tasty and can be bought at an affordable price. Aside from having mouthwatering dishes and desserts to complete your day, Max’s Manila has professional chefs or cooks and servers. You will surely love their warm hospitality by being greeted everyone with a warm welcome and smile. So, the next time you are planning to celebrate your anniversary, birthday or other occasion, there’s nothing more convenient, affordable and delightful than going to Max’s of Manila.