Thelma’s Restaurant Review

Thelma’s Restaurant Review (Waipahu, Hawaii)

When we think about the best restaurants, we usually have the most sumptuous dishes in mind. If you are in Hawaii, there are lots of restaurants that you can choose from to spend a quality dining experience that’s worth your money. For the Filipino community in Hawaii, it is good to know that there are a number of Filipino restaurants that they can go to whenever they miss the food that they love to eat.

The best thing about the food served at Filipino restaurants is that they can fit to any food preference of customers, even for foreign. One of the most popular Filipino restaurants in Waipahu Hawaii is Thelma’s Restaurant. The business is owned by the couple Larry and Thelma Torres who have started the business almost more than a decade ago. The restaurant has been very successful since the day it started operating. This is because of the wide variety of mouth-watering dishes that they offer. The starting years have been very difficult for the business because it has to go to a tough process of earning the trust of the customers. However, in the latter years, everything went so easy for the couple as they already have knowledge on what their clients are really looking for from a Filipino restaurant. 

Services Offered

Thelma’s Restaurant caters services for any occasion, whether special or ordinary. They offer a complete line of catering services that is ideal for wedding, birthdays, gathering, parties and other occasions where you will need a partner for doing the food preparation for you.

The entire staff of Thelma’s Restaurant is happy to serve you all throughout the day only to fill your empty stomach. They are open for reservations 7 days a week to accommodate you the entire week. For the past years, the restaurant has increased its sales due to several good feedbacks that the business is continuously getting all this time. You will surely enjoy and be satisfied with their services through their dedicated, honest and hardworking staffs who work at their best only to serve you the best Filipino food and dishes.


Thelma’s Restaurant offers a wide variety of food options that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. You can select any of the food on their menu. For breakfast, there are various kinds of omelets, fried rice, hot cakes and side order. Meanwhile, for lunch and dinner, you will have lots of choices when it comes to fried dishes, soups, vegetable dishes and many more options in store for you. If you are looking for an affordable yet, appetizing snacks, Thelma’s Restaurant is a perfect choice for you because they offer great selections of snacks such as noodles, sandwiches and a lot more.

For several years in the business, Thelma’s Restaurant has been very dedicated to give nothing but their best to their customers. Because of their great service and selection of food, they were able to lead the business in an industry with many competitors. Serving for more than a decade, the restaurant has been very competitive in the industry.

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