Filipino Community Center Review

Filipino Community Center Review

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If you want to enjoy the true spirit of delight and aloha in gracious hospitality, Filipino Community Center is the best location for you. FilCom center is the right place for you to go along with your relatives, friends and other community members who wants to come together for different special events and functions.

The Filipino Community Centers is located at the two acre parcel site of former Oahu Sugar Mill at the corner of Waipahu Streets and Mokuola that has a B-2 designation. Filipino Community Center Inc. owns the property.

The building is three stories high that cover 50,000 square feet. FilCom Center can provide you space for different educational and cultural activities as well as other social activities that will benefit the entire community. They aim to pursue their mission wherein they want to preserve and nurture the Filipino Community and Hawaii. It is considered as one of the largest Filipino Community centers that are located outside of the Philippines.

Filipino Community Center is very available for such meeting room rentals, conference, banquet and a lot more. It can offer you the following:

  • Free parking
  • Bar and catering services
  • Ballroom accommodations for about 380 sit for dinner
  • Consuelo Courtyard, having complete cafĂ© seating and fountain
  • Meeting rooms for about 40 people inside
  • Conference room for up to 12 people
  • 6,000 square- foot of Casamina- Flores Ballroom

Aside from it, they can also provide you rental space in which they can offer you 50,000 square feet of rental space of houses that can be used for commercial services, health care services, entrepreneurial services, and healthcare.

Today, Filipino Community Center is not just intended for meetings and conference but it is even also the best venue for parties such as the wedding, retirement and birthday. It is the right place for all gatherings in which it will provide a wonderful experience to those who will attend the said event. It offers a warm welcoming place to all the people around the Waipahu and they will surely go back in this wonderful architecture. It is one of the best spots in the pits area for different types of events. It will offer you great ambiance and has a complete facilities with a luxurious style. Because of this, most of the Filipinos in the area feel like they are back in their own country together with their loved ones.

Filipino Community Center can offer you a stylish place that is suitable for different functions and event that will satisfy your needs. You will always be provided with the great elegance that you will surely love. They have well-mannered staff and team who are always there whenever you need something and they would adhere to your request. They are also very polite and can communicate well with the people who come at the Filipino Community center.

So, if you want to have the best party held in Waipahu, you can visit Filipino Community Center and they will offer you the great services you are looking for. Moreover, you will be provided with the right answer to all of your inquiries.